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I cannot give enough praise to Sherine Zaza. She is absolutely phenomenal at her job and made planning our wedding an absolute dream, and what's more, a lot of fun too!! She is all over every single detail and pulled together the day of our dreams. I think she understood what we wanted even more than we did! Sherine has created the most wonderful calm day for us. We knew she had everything under control.  Zoran Rakonjac. 


Sherine Zaza is a fabulous person she made me the best baby shower ever! She took three hours to make each center piece that is so cute and creative. Sherine also organized everything and I do not think it would have been in order without her ideas. Thank you for making best baby shower ever, it was beautiful, fun, and creative. Dena Hadaya


Sherine is known in my community for her professionalism in event planning. When I got engaged to my now husband, I was referred to her by many of my friends. Sherine met with my husband and I and we discussed the terms of our contract. She took the time to get to know us and our personal style and taste so she could help out as much as she can. Since we were on a budget, we didn't go for the full planning package but chose to utilize Sherine's expertise on the day of the wedding. Even so, Sherine maintained her contact with us throughout the planning process, prompting me when I should complete certain tasks and helping me find vendors when Google wasn't cutting it. It was a very stressful time as I am known to be very picky but she was very patient, kind and understanding and guided me through the entire process. The days leading up to our wedding, Sherine contacted all of the vendors, double, triple and quadruple checked the timeline, took all the props/decor/favors out of my hands and to the venue herself and even stayed during the setup to make sure everything was done the way I wanted it. One thing I recommend to any future bride is to be very specific with what you want. There were times when I was vague about decor and whatnot and it didn't help Sherine much, but when I would call or meet up with her, she would help me narrow my choices down and be specific in my wants without compromising aesthetics for a lower price. 


Our wedding day could not have been more perfect without Sherine's help. She handled everything from the smooth transition of our timeline, to any questions/concerns the vendors had (DJ or photographers), to any problems that arose with guests. The night was so beautiful, stress free and exactly as I always dreamt it would be. Sherine was calm and collected the entire time and would make sure I had everything I needed and her professionalism was praised by the staff at the venue and my family alike. After my husband and I left she helped with the cleanup and coordinated with my family the details so my husband and I wouldn't be bothered with the details as we were leaving for our honeymoon the next day. 


I absolutely 100% could not have imagined doing all of this on my own. Sherine is so down to earth and friendly. During this process, we grew close together and I feel I can count her as one of my friends. She has seen me in my highest and lowest and stayed supportive and judgment free nonetheless. I think this really speaks to her character as a person and professional. She really exceeded all expectations and I couldn't imagine having done this by myself. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends and family and look forward to using her services in the future. Ala Arafa



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