Brides Want to Know, What Is the Use of Hiring a Wedding Planner When I Can Do It Myself?

I have been asked this very question, many times from brides inquiring about the need for a marriage coordinator. Many have informed me that they use their friends and family to coordinate and set up during the wedding day. Here is the real issue with wedding planner vs. helpers.

Many people consider themselves wedding planners or coordinators, but it is not as simple as that. Professional wedding planners are skilled in contracts and business management. They are certified and insured. I have a paralegal certification and graduated from Management and Human Resource programs.

DIY weddings should be the route, if to begin with, your budget is tight. If you can't afford it, you must make due. You will risk enjoying your day, with the million telephone calls, and the stress of setting up is a killer. Can you rely on that chosen friend? The stories of how couples wished they could sit back and relax and be pampered on their day will amaze you. From forgetting to cut or pass out the cake, to missing important parts of the wedding because the guest was not organized. Guest complaints and needs were not taken care of, and the couple spent 60+ grand to get wedding day complaints rolling in.

Enough of that I will share with you the take!

Professional Wedding Planners Job Does Not Start the Day of Your Wedding

Professional wedding planners will be a month of coordinator if you decide on hiring just the day of. To throw anyone in on that special day is a recipe for disaster. Day of coordination attached to low price is evidence of this. If you happen to hire a professional coordinator, they will prepare beforehand. Timeline of events takes skill and effort. They will Coordinate with all the vendors beforehand. Kind of like a Santa Clause, Checking his list twice. I check out the venue for potential problems or set up challenges. I go over all contracts and make sure it aligns with the couple's needs. It takes about a month to align all the details for flawless execution properly. I hear it time and time again where a so-called event planner jumps and has "fires" all over the place. Putting those "fires" out is another skill that is required.

Are all Weddings Doomed without a Coordinator?

Not true! Weddings are not doomed if you don't have a coordinator and anyone who tells this to you this, is not telling the truth. I think honesty is key here, and each person has their specific ideas and needs. Having someone there is the primary key, and this person could be a friend or family member. The couple will not be able to cater to anything that day. I respect DIY brides because typically it comes as a personality trait. They are organized, capable and have time to log in these hours. Some of my fabulous brides would make fierce wedding coordinators. Why did they hire me, you ask? Some brides are paying the price of a car for this fantastic day. They realize although they are DIY and savvy, why would they risk all this work, time and money? They want to ensure their day, yes you heard it correctly. We pay insurance on our car, house, and money. Why would anyone let this investment to chance? Who hires a shady insurance company, but that's another topic. Choosing a fair, honest and qualified planner is vital. Price shopping is necessary but make sure your coordinator is qualified. You get what you pay for.

What is the Benefit of Hiring a Full Planner?

The benefits are evident to many, but I will reiterate. The type of Bride that needs a full planner are the kind of bride who, cannot deal with this sort of stress or you may have a full-time job or obligations. Some want to get the most out of their money and want that higher quality experience brings in. Most want the quality and skill that let's face it DIY cannot obtain. You're coming up on years of experience here. Here it is in a nutshell:

1.) Everything is organized (Planners have done this thousand of times, have full proof systems with charts and timeliness) 2.) You will be updated 3.) They will guide you through this process utilizing all their years of resources and tips 4.) You will save money (only if the planner is qualified) PLEASE CHEAPER DOES NOT EQUAL QUALITY, A QUALIFIED PLANNER WILL FIND A FAIR PRICE HIGH-QUALITY VENDOR. It is vital brides, and grooms understand that different levels of professionalism and skill are attached to price. Having a DJ that is not so good will equal a dull wedding. 5.) They have the expertise to look over contracts and negotiate so your not pushed in spending unnecessary money. Your wedding will be higher quality because most Planners are expert decorators. 6.) You will not go crazy looking online for vendors, venues, and décor, they will bring the best right to you. 7.) You get a wedding buddy for a year, and this tends to happen naturally. I build relations with my brides and care for them, and they care about me. I've had Brides looking out for me and being my biggest supporters. 8.) We Do a 3D model of the venue with a computerized seating chart. I allow brides to log in and have fun! 9.) They enjoy every step of the wedding process 10.) You will be a happy Bride and Groom!

DIY is a great thing if you have people that can follow through and you trust. Money is being spent on one of the most important days of your life. If you Are the DIY type, I highly recommend at least the month of planner for your enjoyment. If you can afford it why not get the high-quality planner to show off your hard work. Ensure your investment.

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